VA Loans for Vets and Active Duty Military

Why a VA Loan is the BEST Loan for You

This may not come as a surprise but I think if you can qualify for a VA loan - you should use it over most any other loan. Why is that? Multiple reasons:

  • It is the CHEAPEST loan on the market with less than 20% down
    • There is No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) that can add over $240 to your monthly payment
  • You can purchase a home up to $510,400 with ZERO $$ down
    • There is a VA funding fee that the seller or lender pay (you absolutely cannot pay it)
  • Another qualified Veteran or Active Duty member can take over the loan when you sell
    • With the lowest interest rates of all time, your low rate will ADD VALUE to your home

So How do I Qualify?

To use your VA benefits, you must have a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Your VA lending specialists can pull that up for you HERE. To qualify for a COE you need the following:

- Served at least 90 days of active duty during wartime

-Have 6 years of service in the National Guard or Reserves

-Served at least 181 days during peacetime

-Are a spouse of a service member who has died either in the line of duty or as a result of a service-related disability

Once you have your COE it's time to get you pre-approved with a lender. Almost all lenders can offer VA loans but NOT ALL LENDERS ARE QUALIFIED TO DO VA LOANS. Seriously, I've watched home sales and purchases blow up because a lender didn't know how to properly use income, disability, housing allowance and other property qualifications and the Vet almost lost their new home. Thankfully, we moved them to a QUALIFIED VA Lender who knew how to manage VA loans properly and saved their home purchase.

Who Should I Use for a Realtor?

Search for Military Relocation Professionals in the market you wish to live. If they truly are living up to the MRP title, they will already have local lenders who can quickly and properly approve you. They know how to handle you and your family to get you into the right home in the right amount of time.

Because I have a soft spot for our active duty service men and women and veterans, I flew down to Arizona to earn my MRP designation so I could help my friends, family and other veterans buy and sell homes. I learned how to get you qualified, pick the right homes, understand the different scenarios (PCS and all), and how to get you set up for success. 

MRP Realtors are spread across the country so we can connect you with a local agent almost anywhere in the country. If you have questions, CALL ME. I am here to help you succeed in getting your VA benefit and will set you up with a MRP in your area.

Why Should I Use a Local Lender?

You probably already see USAA, Veterans United, and more every time you log on to Facebook or go online. They are great at insurance but should be avoided for purchasing your home. Team up with your MRP Realtor and their local VA lender so you have ONE point of contact with ONE phone number and ONE email so you know WHO to call with questions. 

If you are looking for a DIRECT VA LENDER who can get you lower fees and a lower interest rate, click here.

I work with a variety of lenders to help my clients but the ones who specialize in VA loans prevent false sales, broken dreams, and unwanted heartache. They pull your COE, they get you approved, and they get you into your new home! Want to check out a VA specific page? Click HERE.

In Closing

Work with a VA Loan PRO. Just because a Realtor or lender has "worked" with VA loans and veterans doesn't mean they KNOW how to do them well. 

Call me, email or message me HERE if you have any questions. If you want your COE or to get qualified, click HERE. *I am not paid by these lenders nor receive any form of compensation from them, they just take care of my vets the BEST

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